Video: Alain Darroze's aromatic plants

Video: Alain Darroze's aromatic plants

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Do you want to know more about the flavors present in cooking recipes? Alain Darroze takes you to his garden, to discover these aromatic plants that accompany your favorite dishes. Beneficial in cooking but also for your interior, here are some good tips to cultivate them and use them best in the preparation of your meals. Follow the advice of the specialist, on video!

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If, like Alain Darroze, you are lucky enough to have a garden to cultivate aromatic plants, you no doubt know the scent they can emit and which perfume your kitchen. Here is a quick overview of the different plants that can be easily cultivated in your garden, and which will bring joy to your dishes.

The abrotonum

Very little used in cooking, it can nevertheless perfume your rooms thanks to its very strong taste. In addition, it can even scare away parasites such as mites.


In addition to keeping mosquitoes away, lemongrass is originally widely used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Now, she has settled in European cuisine.

Variegated oregano

Very often used in pizzas, it is also called marjoram.


Rosemary can be creeping or bushy. It has a fairly strong fragrance, and it is regularly found on plates mixed with fish.


Hyssop is a very symbolically religious plant. But it is also used in the culinary field, especially with game.


There are different kinds of thyme: classic, common, variegated ... All are widely used in cooking. Small tip, Alain Darroze has grown his thyme on a box, to avoid weeds. If however they manage to grow, the cardboard allows the thyme to suffocate them by itself.


Officinal, red, two-color, three-color… There are several types of sage, which go perfectly with pork in the kitchen. Now that you know these aromatic plants and that you know what dishes they can accompany, you will no longer hesitate to enrich your dishes and impress your loved ones! Find Alain Darroze's aromatic plants on Produced by Minute Facile.