3 ideas to take advantage of the space under the stairs

3 ideas to take advantage of the space under the stairs

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While the price of real estate continues to climb, and we are struggling to find room to store all of our things, what a shame not to optimize every square meter of your home! However, there are many ideas to maximize each corner, such as the place under the stairs. Precisely, here are 3 ideas of development dedicated to this often lost space.

Create a library

One of the solutions to use the space under the stairs is to set up a library. To do this, you can choose a staircase with boxes in the shape of a staircase so that you can slide it under the steps or decide to create a library yourself by superimposing boxes of different colors that you screw or glue them together once the layout is chosen. And here is an additional space dedicated to the storage of books!

Set up an office

Finding a place to set up your office is not always easy when there is a lack of room space. If you have stairs, now is the time to think about it! Under the steps, you can easily hang two or three storage shelves to place books and binders. Just below, we place the desk neither seen nor known. Winning layout to the key (see the image opposite)!

Install storage

Finally, the space available under the stairs can be arranged in storage, whether it be shoes, household products, clothing, etc. Among the ideas to remember, we note the boxes on casters, custom cupboards or still the shelves on which we have boxes and baskets.