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What flooring around my pool?

What flooring around my pool?

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In order to enjoy the pool safely, it is essential to choose a floor with specific characteristics. Non-slip, rot-proof and easy to maintain, soft to the touch of the foot, the flooring around the pool must meet all these criteria in order to facilitate your daily life and be adapted to your exterior.

A non-slip, non-slip floor covering

For absolute comfort around the pool, you must pay great attention to its technical characteristics. The covering must be made of resistant tiles, easy to maintain and neither too smooth nor too rough in order to provide you with a floor that is pleasant to the touch. Do not choose a too clear paving, at the risk of being dazzled by the reverberation of the sun. In addition, the ground around the pool should not be slippery, which is why its grip must be optimal in the case of regular passages. For your safety, the floor must therefore meet certain specific conditions. Resistant, non-slip, easy to maintain and soft on the feet, the reconstituted stone has the necessary characteristics to be positioned at the edge of a swimming pool. These multitudes of shapes, colors and aspects will allow you to create atmospheres in keeping with your style.

A rot-proof and easy-to-maintain outdoor floor

The exterior coating should be easy to maintain and rot-proof as it is often exposed to dirt and moisture. To do this, go to natural stone that is resistant to time and requires minimal maintenance. Its varied forms will enhance your exterior. In the same spirit, choose reconstituted stones, concrete slabs or pavers. All these outdoor floor models are resistant and easy to maintain to adapt to all your decoration desires. Regarding exotic woods, it is essential to choose a rot-proof wood like bankiraï or almendrilla. The composite, a mixture of recycled wood and polyethylene, does not require a lot of maintenance while also being rot-proof, ideal for swimming pool edges.

An aesthetic in harmony with your environment

The floor must not only be practical and comfortable, but we must not forget the aesthetics. Choose the covering that will be in harmony with the vegetation, the garden furniture and the house. It is essential to set up universes in accordance with your environment. In a natural style from elsewhere, choose exotic wood slats. They will bring a warm aspect to the edge of the swimming pool. For a modern spirit, opt for the composite blade. Its wide variety of colors will meet your expectations in terms of modernism. In shades of gray, black or white, you will give a breath of fresh air to your exterior. For an authentic and traditional side, head for natural stone. In the old way, the paving in reconstituted stones or natural stones will give you the opportunity to reproduce the pavements of former times.