Focus on the carpets that warm the house

Focus on the carpets that warm the house

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To keep your feet warm throughout the winter but also to warm the atmosphere of the house, we offer ourselves a beautiful rug that will be the centerpiece of your living room. Here are some tips for choosing a soft, warm rug.

Thick and soft materials

To warm a slightly cold room, you must definitely opt for a warm carpet. For this, we put on thick and soft materials that will dress the floor. Think of tufted wool rugs, shaggy rugs and all the materials that give an iridescent appearance to the carpet. You can also bet on faux fur rugs like sheepskins that bring a chalet atmosphere to the house.

Soft, winter colors

On the color side, we put on light shades that will help to spend the winter smoothly. You will find beige, gray, off-white but also taupe rugs that will integrate easily with the rest of your interior. Very trendy, these carpet colors can even match those of the walls to create a harmony worthy of a cocoon. If you really don't want to do without color, then opt for red which will instantly warm up the atmosphere. Discover our selection of rugs to warm the house: