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Street art invites itself at home

Street art invites itself at home

Graffiti is no longer just for the streets, it is now entering the home and decoration. Zoom on a new trend that teens will love!

Street art, graffiti, tag: what is it?

Street art can easily be seen downstairs. These are all of the drawings and paintings found on the city walls. Generally, these projects are carried out using spray paint or with markers but there are also posters. You should know that making a tag or a graffito is an act of vandalism if it is done on private property without the owner's agreement. In recent years, street art has become less and less marginal and is now integrated into the art market with dedicated exhibitions and even quotes in auctions. We even know artists famous for their street work like Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Keith Haring, Mystic.

How to bring graffiti into the house?

And as graffiti is democratized, designers are inspired by it for the objects of the house. Thus, there are posters, canvases, seats but also crockery which highlights this very particular art. The objects then surface of expression with often very colorful messages. If your teen is passionate about street art, do not hesitate to offer him a canvas or stickers to decorate his wall and a carpet for the floor for example. For a more original decoration, have spray cans on a shelf and express yourself on white canvas because street art is above all a matter of expression! Discover our selection inspired by street art: