Scandinavian office: instructions for use

Scandinavian office: instructions for use

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The Scandinavian-inspired decoration is perfectly suited for an office: bright, refined and functional, it will create the perfect atmosphere for working well. However, to achieve a style like this in your office, a few rules apply. Manual :

Functional furniture to be ordered

The Scandinavian style is above all a style that wants to be refined. No frills that would make your workspace more clutter and therefore less functional. Bet on library type storage furniture where you can have many archive boxes, and on storage with multiple drawers. Be rigorous and orderly, you will see that your office will seem more conducive to concentration.

Light shades, colorful and geometric patterns

The Scandinavian style is also a very particular style of furniture and decorative objects: sober lines and bright natural colors. We play with white, beige and various shades of gray. In terms of furniture, you will have to opt for white and / or light wood furniture, material characteristic of Nordic decoration. Your office will be both sober and very bright. You will be able to add some textile pieces with bright colors and geometric patterns that will energize the space.

Comfort to work well!

Even if the Scandinavian style is sober and refined, it is far from giving off a cold atmosphere. On the contrary, this style wants to be warm and cocooning! This is why he also favors natural, soft and comfortable materials: So plan a real sheep wool rug under your desk. The comfort of your little feet will be indisputable ... and being comfortably installed means working better, as we know!