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Green kitchen utensils

Green kitchen utensils

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They are practical, they are beautiful, they are green! Discover our selection of eco-designed kitchen utensils in wood and bamboo, materials acclaimed for their hygienic, durable, aesthetic and ecological qualities. From the rolling pin to the lemon squeezer, through the cutlery and other cutting boards, discover our selection.


Bamboo is in the spotlight. It has the same level of resistance as the hardest woods. In addition, it is naturally antibacterial and brings a contemporary and modern style to the kitchen. Visit the brand specializing in bamboo eco-design: Ekobo . Also find cutting boards from great chefs, salad servers, special "appetizer" spoons ...


Wood remains a safe bet for kitchen utensils. Like bamboo, it is hygienic, solid and beautiful. Find a beautiful and eco-friendly lemon squeezer at Karawan . To avoid leaving your bags open, think of the small clips, clever, practical and design, in untreated beech labeled PEFC. Also visit Cocobohème for their cutlery, pie dishes or cutting boards that are both decorative, original and eco-friendly.