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What colors go well with black in a living room?

What colors go well with black in a living room?

Question from Célia

"I'm going to move into a fairly small apartment. I bought a second-hand black sofa, so I would like to decorate this room in black and another color, but I don't know which one to choose. First thought of white, but I'm told it will be too cold. With turquoise blue, I'm afraid it's not warm enough. Can you help me? What color (s) to choose? Which ones go well with black for a living room? Thank you in advance. "

Answer: play on shades of gray, black and string

Hello Célia, you have just moved into a fairly small apartment and the element on which you would like to build your decoration is a black sofa that you bought second-hand. You hesitate for the decoration of this room, white seems cold to you, turquoise too. I find your idea of ​​white ultra contemporary, if you use it with touches of gray, black and string, your interior will be far from cold! It will be rather trendy chic and bohemian. For example, you can dress your windows with off-white linen curtains, paint one of your walls in powder gray, play on different cushions in muted shades to dress your black sofa, place a large sand carpet and large beige and black cushions on the ground. You too, send us your decoration question