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Have an eco-attitude in your laundry room

Have an eco-attitude in your laundry room

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Having clean clothes is good. But be careful not to fall into excess washing. Here are some tips for eco-friendly washing, drying and ironing.

Washing: avoid half loads

It is better to make one full machine than two machines with half load. So that the detergent does its job well and that the movement of the laundry is optimal, leave the space of a fist between the laundry and the upper part of the drum. Because in a machine that is full to the brim, stains do not work as well, powders do not dissolve well and can leave marks on the laundry. Choose a detergent without optical brighteners, which are suspected of being carcinogenic, which can create a chemical reaction with the skin and slow wound healing. Prefer an ecological detergent, by choosing a brand like Ecover.

Dosage and temperature

Respect the correct dosage by reading the label on your detergent bottle. There is no point in overdosing, your laundry will not be better washed. Beware of high temperature washing. It is rarely necessary to wash at 60 ° or more for daily laundry. Especially since most of today's detergents have an effective formula from low temperatures. If you need to change your washing machine, choose a class A ++ appliance. And use the "Eco" keys as much as possible.

Reasonable drying

If possible, air dry your laundry. However, when this is not possible, or for the pleasure of having very soft terry towels, spin the laundry well (at 1200 rpm or more) before placing it in the dryer. You will save 20 to 25% of energy during drying. And if you have to equip yourself with a dryer, be aware that an air exhaust appliance consumes less than a condensation dryer.

Bend !

Immediately fold and stack the laundry after removing it from the drying rack, rope or dryer. You will be amazed at the smooth result. And you will avoid a part of the ironing chore which will become useless. When ironing, use steam. It's easier, faster, more economical. Use a reflective ironing cover, which saves energy.