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What lights for a Zen interior?

What lights for a Zen interior?

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Clean atmosphere, subdued lighting, light tones ... The Zen style has its codes and offers us a soothing universe. Its lighting is an essential element to perfect your decoration, so it is to take care in the details. What are the models of lamps to favor? How to distribute them in a room? Advice.

Choose your fixture

The Zen style lighting is distinguished first by its materials, in harmony with nature. Rice paper, driftwood, bamboo or raw stone are therefore to be preferred. Don't forget to bet on simplicity and sobriety! The lighting should be dimmed to emit soft tones. So choose muted colors for the lampshades, with lamp bases in harmony (taupe, white, water green, light gray ...).

Integrate Zen lighting into your decoration

Do not hesitate to multiply the light sources in the same room in order to distribute the lighting evenly. Zen style lamps diffuse soft and subdued lighting, so you need to install several to properly light a room (including the living room, living room or kitchen). You can also play the accumulation card, with Japanese lighting for example. Several rice paper balls hanging next to each other will be the best effect in a Zen entry or living room. Arty touch guaranteed!