From workshops to our living rooms, Jieldé pursues its legend

From workshops to our living rooms, Jieldé pursues its legend

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Who does not know the famous workshop lamp with articulated arms? It is now more than 50 years that the Jieldé brand has been rewriting its history every day, with growing success. True icons of French industrial art, Jieldé lamps seduce us both by their aesthetics and by their high quality lighting. The ranges and colors are today diversified in order to bring their pop, design or retro touch that make a piece unique.

Jieldé brings the workshop spirit to life

Manufactured in Lyon since the brand's launch in 1953, Jieldé lamps continue to be assembled with the same know-how as before. The first model was designed in 1940 by Jean-Louis Domecq, tired of not finding a light suitable for his general mechanical activity. After several tests, the final drawing was frozen in 1950. The famous name of the articulated lamp will simply be formed by the initials of its creator: Ji eL Dé! The next two years will be devoted to the industrialization of the production of lamps, which will be marketed for the first time in 1953. All are numbered in order to remain unique objects. The standard model, Jean-Louis Domecq's first creation, has never stopped being produced since its launch. However it was in the 90s that it went out of its purely industrial context, adorned with vitamin colors and came to be a real decorative object.

Original and easy-going creations

A true cult object, the Jieldé lamp is today available in 4 collections: Loft, Lak, Signal and Augustin. All revive the post-war workshop spirit without ever going out of fashion. The Loft model, which follows the lines of its "standard" predecessor, comes in reading lights, wall lamps or articulated floor lamps. These include up to 6 arms! The Signal and Lak collections offer a different line and size but are just as practical for diversifying light sources in the home. The Augustin model takes the codes of workshop suspensions of the past, without forgetting to adorn themselves with shimmering colors. The incredible success of Jieldé is based on the universality of its creations, which integrate just as well in a decoration with retro looks as modern. These resistant and aesthetic lights adapt perfectly to everyday life. They are marketed in several selected points of sale throughout France: find the addresses on