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Give a new look to Voltaire armchairs

Give a new look to Voltaire armchairs

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Question from Bénédicte


Decorative answer: repaint the wooden structure with a glossy lacquer paint and dress it with a plaid or cushions

Hello Bénédicte, you want to give your two Voltaire style armchairs a younger look with an easy trick to transform them. For this, I suggest you repaint the structure, the feet and the armrests having previously sanded them and having protected the fabric. I suggest a glossy lacquer paint to give them a little boost in a color like plum, black, clay, in harmony, of course, with the rest of the room in which you want to arrange your chairs. You can also put a plaid or solid color cushions (or patchwork) in adequacy with that which will have been chosen for all the wooden parts. These changes will give your armchairs a more "rock" look without having to reupholster them. You too, send us your decoration question