Recreate the Scandinavian style at home in 6 keys

Recreate the Scandinavian style at home in 6 keys

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Are you seduced by the contemporary, warm and ecological character of the Scandinavian style? Here are 6 keys to soaking up the Nordic style and recreating a trendy and timeless atmosphere at home. Follow the guide !

1 / Start with strong pieces

To get your decor on the Scandinavian side of the force, start by choosing strong pieces. In the living room, for example, put everything on a large clear raw wood table. Also think of woolen or fur blankets and rugs to warm the atmosphere. A wooden coffee table will also be welcome.

2 / Prefer wood

Wood is at the heart of the Scandinavian style. For all the rooms in the house, for chairs, the bed, the tables, the desk ... choose light wood. It helps to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Clear parquet will therefore be your decorative ally for your floor coverings.

3 / Focus on white and light

For your walls, also opt for white or light colors, from beige to gray. Also favor the brightness by choosing in particular light curtains, such as the curtains which will let the light through. And don't forget to choose a few lamps and sconces for the bright atmosphere of your evenings.

4 / Customize your soulless wooden furniture

If simple wooden furniture stands enthroned in your home, put them in Nordic mode! A stroke of white paint on a white wooden piece of furniture will bring out the ribs in the wood. To perfect it all, do not hesitate to add pieces of rough wood and / or fake fur.

5 / Don't forget the Nordic patterns

You understood, the Nordic style put on a refined decoration. However, patterns and colors are not to be avoided. Favor patterns inspired by nature, with leaves, feathers, reindeer, flowers ... Geometric patterns with a psychedelic tendency are also to be used in small touches, on a table, cushions or a plaid.

6 / On the children's side

The Nordic style also adapts very well to the world of children with the added bonus of poetry and color. Noble materials and functionality are always to be preferred. Find lots of good ideas at Ferm Living , Danish specialist in interior design. Our "Deco design" videos