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An Alice in Wonderland bedroom

An Alice in Wonderland bedroom

In the Maison & Objet salon, Elizabeth Leriche presented a succession of rooms that invited dreams. And behind one of the doors, you could discover a room inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Here are some ideas for reproducing this universe at home.

Tale-inspired objects

To create an Alice in Wonderland atmosphere in your room, you must bet on all the accessories that recall the famous work signed Lewis Carroll. You can opt for a beautiful mirror or even beautiful teapots that you will use as decorative objects. Do not hesitate to bring nature into your space by choosing cut flowers or a green plant to place in a corner.

Play on the wonderful spirit

At Elizabeth Leriche's, the room inspired by Alice in Wonderland played with the codes of dream and mystery. The walls were thus painted black for a timeless atmosphere and there were XXL-sized furniture and accessories recalling Alice's size changes. We could see a tiny bed, a giant mirror, unusual cups and a huge lamp next to a very small door. At home, also play with the dimensions of objects for a surprising effect! Discover our selection for an Alice in Wonderland-style room unless you prefer the world of Tim Burton.