Selection of inexpensive garden tables

Selection of inexpensive garden tables

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Large tables for outdoor dining, garden tables can quickly reach large sums. Fortunately for us and our wallet, some models do not inflate their prices and thus remain accessible to tight budgets. Small selection at low cost sorted on the job.

Garden tables 2 places at low prices

In the "two-seater garden tables" range for solo or romantic lunches in the bright sun, we call Alinea and its steel models Pims and Garden, both less than € 50. The first is round and displays a total colorful look, the second a more classic black look. But if you have a penchant for the marble trend in this summer period, here are two other tables for 2 people to consider: the steel model with marble top named Sebasto at Castorama (at 59 €) or the Marbre de But table (99.99 €) veined gray color, ideal for retro atmospheres with its pretty bistro look.

Garden tables 4 places at low prices

And 2 more seats! Head to the Achat Design website to adopt the Mango model, a colorful square format polypropylene that will slip easily on any type of balcony or terrace. Less contemporary but just as suitable to accommodate 4 people, the Romantic round table edited by Alinea and the Nomade table available at Amazon, with its 4 matching chairs, convince us just as much. The steel being ultra resistant to climatic weather, these two models will brave the rain like the sun without aging!

Garden tables 6 places at low prices

The family is growing and so is the table. But to find a 6-seater model while staying around 200 €, our good plan is to invest in resistant materials without being too expensive such as resin. Robust and easy to maintain, it comes in several colors and is easy to clean. Thus, the "Ares" model at Achat Design has the advantage of disassembling in a jiffy thanks to its clip-on base. At Grosfillex, we drew the Alpha model which won us over with its tray decorated with abstract patterns, and its UV and weather resistant resin, guaranteeing a relative lightness when moving it. Discover even more garden tables at low prices. 1. Alpha Grosfillex garden table 204.91 € Zendart Design / 2. Resin garden table 169 € Buy Design / 3. Nomade garden table 79 € Amazon / 4. Applarö flap table 169 € Ikea / 5. Table Jardin garden 49.99 € Alinea / 6. Romance garden table 53.94 € Alinea / 7. Angsö white stained table 119 € Ikea / 8. Metal garden table 199 € Garden Shop / 9. Black glass garden table 129 € Usirama / 10. Mango garden table 69 € Buy Design