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Mistakes to avoid to feel good in the bathroom

Mistakes to avoid to feel good in the bathroom

Because it is important to feel good in the bathroom in order to make it a real space for relaxation, there are a few mistakes not to make. Also, we offer our advice to make the bathroom your favorite room.

In the bathroom, don't just think practical

The bathroom is not only the part of the toilet, it is indeed a space which acts on us like an airlock before decompressing the day and before going to bed. This room must therefore be pleasant and allow you to relax.

Do not neglect the lighting in your bathroom

To make your visit to the bathroom a pleasant one, don't forget the lighting. You will have to choose a light which is not too aggressive and which highlights your complexion or a rather warm light. Then think of sufficient lighting around the mirror to facilitate shaving or makeup. And for the atmosphere, opt for LED lights which you can vary the intensity or color.

The bathroom should not be a cold room

If you have tiles in your bathroom, that doesn't mean that you can't decorate them with accessories. Choose a thick, fluffy bath mat to warm the floor and treat yourself to spa-like towels. The warm textiles will bring softness to the room.

Don't put the wood aside

If the tiles are more present in the bathroom, this does not mean that other materials are to be avoided. On the contrary, wood can also be integrated into the bathroom with parquet floors provided you choose a wood resistant to humidity, but also with furniture and decorative accessories. With wood in the bathroom, you will instantly bring a touch of warmth.

Don't forget the colors

Be aware that colors play an important role in the mood of your room. If you want a cozy atmosphere, head for natural and warm shades like beige, brown and taupe. You will then create a jewel case.