Self-adhesive surfaces in all their states!

Self-adhesive surfaces in all their states!

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We can say that this concept is one of the great innovations and revolutions in terms of decoration in recent years: the self-adhesive surfaces are there to simplify the decor! On the one hand, they allow you to completely stylize a room without making the final changes: a big advantage when you are only a tenant but you do not want to deprive yourself of decorating your home in your image. On the other hand, it facilitates the renewal of decor in your home without going through heavy work that slows down more than one! Self-adhesive surfaces are omnipresent in decoration: they are available on many supports to apply everywhere and allow incredible renderings, you would be wrong to deprive yourself!

Adhesive floor coverings deceive the eye

These often vinyl adhesive tiles are flexible, resistant, easy to maintain and can be installed in no time! They no longer have anything to do with the PVC coverings of yesteryear which very vaguely resemble bathroom tiles. Today, they really deceive the eye by precisely imitating all kinds of materials. Ceramics, stone, wood, marble, concrete, they won't deny you anything! No need to break your tiles to change them, no more heavy work to go from a tile to a parquet!

Tile stickers brilliantly imitate earthenware and mosaic

Tired of your kitchen splashback? Tired of your wall tiles in your bathroom? Here too, the self-adhesive surfaces make your life easier. Many innovations in terms of tiling stickers are emerging. In Rénostick and Smart Tiles , these are flexible adhesive stickers made of resin or 3D gel which can be cut with a cutter and come to stick very easily on your old tiles, which we offer. The imitation earthenware and glass mosaic is stunning! In METALdécor , these are adhesive wall panels of varying sizes in decorated aluminum that we present to you. These aluminum stickers prove to be perfect as a kitchen splashback. In Stone Sticker , it is the art of natural stone mosaic that we sell to you thanks to adhesive tiles that are easy to install and that save you the dust of work.

Stickers of all kinds

We obviously do not forget the classic stickers that adorn all the walls of your house and that use stratagems to make themselves useful and ultra decorative. The mirror stickers reflect the light and enlarge your space, the slate stickers act as a notepad (and can also be very suitable for a kitchen splashback ...), the household appliance stickers give your fridge and dishwasher better looks and jewelry stickers display their charms in privacy spaces for example…