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Create the illusion with the trompe l'oeil motif

Create the illusion with the trompe l'oeil motif

Play with your decor using trompe l'oeil patterns. To enlarge a room, give relief, depth and daring to your interior, discover our selection of new products. Wallpapers, decorative objects, shelves ... you will be amazed!

Focus on wallpapers

Like the Greeks in Antiquity who used the art of trompe l'oeil to imitate materials such as marble, the 21st century version wallpaper creates the illusion. Find in particular at Koziel , A model Peuzeul , perfect for creating an offbeat wall with a giant jute jigsaw puzzle for decor. Bet on the natural side with the wallpaper Bamboo or the design effect with the model Ardoyz which perfectly transcribes the appearance of the stone. Also, go to Atypyk for a bale of straw poster on top for a countryside touch. And for the trendiest among you, discover the false doors at Fleux , the tagged model or garage door in particular.

But also…

We love the ingenious signed shelf Umbra . Thanks to an ingenious notch system into which you slide the cover of a book, the wall shelf becomes invisible and gives the impression that the books stand on their own. To secretly store your small items, Isle Home offers a book-shaped box to cover the tracks while decorating. For the garden, also think of signed sailing Dfuze , to protect you from the sun. Its little extra decoration: the shadow of the branch of a tree is drawn on the fabric.