Mistakes to avoid in tableware

Mistakes to avoid in tableware

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Entertaining is an art that presents certain rules of good manners. So if nobody will be mad at you for not knowing the codes perfectly, it will always be pleasant for you not to make mistakes and to perpetuate a certain tradition. Here are some tips to avoid mistakes.

Do not reverse the cutlery

This is a simple rule to remember when setting a table in the rules of art. You should therefore know that the fork is placed on the left of the plate and the knife on the right. You can direct the teeth of the fork towards the table or upwards depending on whether you are inspired by French or English tradition. If you use several cutlery, they are arranged in the order of use from the outside.

Don't have only one drink

In general, meals are accompanied by water but also wine. Also, there are at least two glasses, one for water and the other for wine. Be aware that if you serve red wine and white wine, you will need a glass for each to avoid mixing. The water glass is the one that is placed most in front of the plate while the wine glass will be slightly on the right.

Don't neglect comfort

If you have a lot of people, we are often tempted to slightly tighten the plates to get everyone back on the table. Know that the ideal is to space the plates 50 cm and place it about 2 cm from the edge of the table. Make sure that your guests are comfortably installed by avoiding having a chair in front of a table leg for example.

Do not use trivet

Know that you never bring your pan or saucepan to the table so it is not useful to have a trivet. You will make sure to offer your food in a serving dish to present it to your guests.

Don't forget the table plan

To ensure that the meal takes place in the best conditions, we think about thinking about the placement of the guests. We are used to alternating between men and women. Generally we also separate the couples in order to spread the conversation as well as possible over the whole table.

Do not exaggerate the table decoration

Of course you can perfectly decorate the table but make sure that the decoration does not disturb the guests. If you opt for a centerpiece, remember that it is not too high so that the guests can see each other properly.