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The praline

The praline

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What is praline?

Composed of organic materials of natural origin and clay soil, the praline helps protect the roots of young plantations and promotes their recovery. It is particularly suitable for trees, shrubs and bare root roses.

When to use it?

The pralinage is practiced on the roots of the plants, the operation must therefore be carried out preferably before planting the plant in its final location.

How to get it?

Products ready to dilute in water are sold in supermarkets and most garden centers. It is better to take good quality praline, as the product may contain excrement from cows or other animals, which are particularly pathogenic. It is also possible to make your own praline by mixing clay soil (preferably) with water and manure, if you have some. The result should result in some sort of thick mud.

How to use it?

Pralining is a very easy technique. It is enough to pull out the dead or weak roots beforehand and to coat the others in the praline. Mix everything well so that the mud covers all the roots. Ideally, let them soak in the praline for a day, this will allow the mixture to stay firmly attached to the roots afterwards.