Snails and slugs

Snails and slugs

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What are snails and slugs?

Snails and slugs are gastropods. The snail is a mollusk with a shell and tentacles. Whether for slugs or snails, there are many species. They move slowly by contracting their tentacle and leaving behind a trail of mucus.

What threat do snails and slugs pose to the garden?

These animals preferably come out at night and are attracted to the sap of the plants. They crawl on the leaves, bulbs, fruits and roots they feed on, causing serious injury to plants.

Which plants are threatened by snails and slugs?

All young plants and those whose leaves are close to the ground can be devoured by these gastropods, but also the fruits.

How to fight against snails and slugs?

The first method is to keep these animals away by surrounding your plantations with materials that hinder their movement, such as ashes or wood chips. Of course there are many chemicals in the form of granules based on iron phosphate, toxic to snails and slugs. An old method is to attract slugs with containers of beer, in which they drown.