Feature: the big spring cleaning!

Feature: the big spring cleaning!

Spring is an opportunity to embark on the traditional big cleaning! Storage, cleaning, the editor gives you all the tips to start this new season on the right foot with the watchword: make room in the house!

Green cleaning: the products you need!

For this great spring cleaning, forget about chemicals and play the ecology card by focusing on natural products. Lemon to descale small appliances, white vinegar to clean the windows, baking soda to get rid of stains on carpets ... green cleaning, it works great and in addition it respects the environment. All you have to do is equip yourself!

Boxes, your storage allies

At the time of the great spring tidying up, our favorite allies are undoubtedly the boxes, small or large, which allow us to slide and organize everything that is lying around. Colorful, transparent, metal or plastic, there are a multitude and all the pieces are entitled to it. In the kitchen, we prefer small models to store flour, sugar or even pasta and rice. In the living room, we love the more worked models with geometric patterns for example. The latter can then accommodate all your small bazaar and avoid on the buffets or shelves a messy appearance. Finally, in the bedroom and the bathroom, we turn more to the baskets which are more practical. Scarves and towels find a place of choice.

Pretty accessories for a chic household

We will not lie, cleaning is not one of our favorite daily activities. So, since we devote a lot of time to it, we might as well make the moment pleasant by equipping ourselves with pretty accessories. We go to Iris Hantverk to find a beautiful dustpan, then to Andrée Jardin to succumb to one of their superb brooms with a vintage look in beech wood. As for household appliances, we let ourselves be charmed by models that are as chic as they are efficient. Hyper-girly robot vacuum cleaner, steam generator with voluptuous curves, futuristic iron… that's what makes all these chores more attractive!