Feature: wood heating

Feature: wood heating

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With considerable potential users, wood heating has become fashionable again, whether in a new program or in an older construction. It must be said that with the return to grace of condensing wood boilers, automatic wood boilers or more modern pellet boilers, this heating mode is particularly suitable for modern housing, which puts the focus on energy savings.

Wood, a cheap raw material

While fuel, gas and electricity prices are annoying, wood has the advantage of being much more accessible. Especially since the professionals of the sector do everything possible to stabilize its cost over time. According to some studies, heating with wood is up to three times cheaper than electricity, 1.5 times cheaper than gas and 2.5 times cheaper than fuel oil! And according to specialists, the additional cost linked to the installation of a central wood heating compared to an electrical installation can be amortized in less than ten years. A rather profitable investment considering the lifetime of the installation. The more so as this type of installation is encouraged by the State thanks to a tax credit which oscillates between 15 and 25% according to the cases.

Wood heating, an ecological alternative

Wood heating is said to be an ecological heating method since energy is renewable. Indeed, the combustion of wood does not cause any greenhouse effect or any environmental alteration. Currently, wood heating is even the least polluting energy. Another significant argument in favor of wood heating, the heating efficiency has improved enormously. Thanks to wood stoves or other new generation inserts, the energy performance in some cases exceeds 90% depending on the device used. And if every second French house is heated with wood, it is no coincidence!

Wood heating, declared of general interest?

Faced with the scarcity of energies such as petroleum, wood is becoming a more than credible alternative to heating. The more so as the damage caused by the storm of 1999 pointed the index on the deficient maintenance of the French forests. By developing the small firewood business, we combine business with pleasure. And when we know that France is covered with forest on 28% of the territory, which represents 15 million hectares, firewood is not ready to run out!

Wood heating requires certain adjustments

Despite its many attractions, heating with wood has a number of disadvantages. First of all, a storage space located in a dry environment must be provided in order to keep the wood. In addition, heating with wood requires a regular supply. Much less practical than electric heating where you just have to press a switch! As for heating with wood in an old appliance, it can generate significant pollution, even dangerous if it is not regularly maintained.