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Changing a window glass for wooden window

Changing a window glass for wooden window

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Replacing a broken window is easy, while respecting safety, insulation and sealing rules. First, gather the following equipment: 1 replacement glass, putty, glazier's nails, linseed oil, thick gloves, 1 demasticizing knife, 1 glazier's or electrician's hammer, 1 putty, 1 triangular scraper or 1 cutter with thick blade, 1 measuring tape, 1 pliers or 1 pincers, 1 small brush.

Measurements of the wooden window

Carefully remove the broken tile, clean the rebate, measure its dimensions and remove 5 mm from the dimensions. Create a cardboard template for special cutouts: trace the profile of the glass on the cardboard placed under the frame and remove 2 mm to 2.5 mm inside the path.

Chassis preparation

Wear gloves so you don't cut yourself with the debris you remove. Then remove the old sealant with a demasticizing knife. Remove the tips with pliers. Clean the traces of old putty and feed the wood with linseed oil with a small brush.

Positioning the glass on the wooden window

Soften the putty with your finger then place it with the painter's knife in the bottom of the dusted and dry rebate. Place the glass carefully in the frame then press so that it adheres to the putty, gently place the points of glazier at regular intervals around the edge of the frame. Nail the top of the chassis, the bottom and then the sides. Push the nails against the glass to immobilize the tile.


Place the putty in the slot; smooth carefully with a knife and not with your finger. Trim the sealant on the outside edge of the rebate using the painter's knife placed against the frame. Let dry two to three weeks before painting.