Ecologically remove moss from a roof

Ecologically remove moss from a roof

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The basic solution for cleaning roof foam: stepladder and scraper

The first precaution to take before climbing on a roof is to plan a stepladder or a ladder higher than the gutter. It is not recommended to hang onto it or lean on it to climb. Once on top, you must already clean the largest pieces by hand, especially those that obstruct the drainage. Then, using a stiff brush and water, possibly a knife or scraper, may be enough to remove the green stains that nibble on the tiles. To finish, the best is to pass a low pressure cleaner - a too powerful machine could break tiles or slates - to remove the last dirt and rinse the soap.

A roof that lasts is a treated roof

Professionals also advise to regularly pass products against mosses or lichens. These mixtures should be spread when there is no wind with a low pressure propellant. The use of this tool is done from top to bottom so that the liquid does not enter the building by taking advantage of the junction between the tiles. It is possible to make your own anti-foam mixture using non-polluting products: citric acid, from lemon, can be added to water and essential or vegetable oils and baking soda. This product will dry the foams which will then be enough to scrape.