Detaching a carpet or rug

Detaching a carpet or rug

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A spilled glass or plate, an animal that doesn't have time to go out, dirty shoes, the rugs in a home are often put to the test. But stains capable of appearing require more or less effort to be cleaned.

Grandma's tips for everyday tasks

If a glass spills on a carpet or a trace of food remains, the first step is to try to absorb what can be. Then a solution is to sprinkle sparkling water over the mark or a little salt. This ingredient present in all kitchens will finish absorbing the material that stains the carpet. For ink or rust, for example, a mixture of lemon and salt can have the same effect to remove stains. Against wine, Sommières earth, flour or baking soda can also be used. In all cases, it is necessary to let the mixture act and rest so that it penetrates the fibers and cleans them completely. Sometimes a vacuum cleaner is enough to make the carpet look like new.

For tougher stains on carpets or rugs

If a candle has spilled on your carpet, there is a technique which consists of placing absorbent paper on the stain and heating it (iron, hair dryer, etc.). The wax will then melt and be absorbed. Other products can be used such as ammonia, white vinegar or glycerin. It is therefore important to rinse the carpet thoroughly, or even shampoo it, and ventilate the room to avoid strong odors.