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Maintain VMC

Maintain VMC

Many parts to check on a CMV

By definition, a CMV circuit draws in dirty air, in a bathroom or a kitchen for example, filters it and then rejects it elsewhere in the home. As a result, it is normal for entrances and exits to clog up after several months. It is therefore these elements that must first be cleaned. For that, after having cut the electric current which makes function the system, it is enough to disassemble them and to plunge them a few hours in a solution of water and soap. Before replacing them, it is important to rinse them with clean water. By opening the pipes, you will be able to access some hidden parts of the CMV. This will allow the fan blades to be cleaned on this occasion: dusting with a slightly damp cloth may be sufficient. Similarly, the filters can be removed and also dipped in a degreaser. More generally, it is advisable to vacuum all the accessible corners to remove the dust present in the box where the CMV is often hidden.

VMC quarterly monitoring

The regulations concerning the maintenance of CMVs imply a quarterly control of the entire system via a maintenance system. Points such as the tension of the belt activating the fan or the exchanger - through which the opposing air flows pass - must be carefully monitored. On the other hand, every two years, it is advisable to bring a professional to review the whole device.