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The essential furniture in the teenage bedroom

The essential furniture in the teenage bedroom

Your child has grown up and you are now facing a teenager who is expressing new needs. In his bedroom, the toy chest has long been abandoned and it is probably time to see with him how to rearrange his bedroom. Here are some tips for creating the teenage bedroom he dreams of.

The friends' corner

Like any self-respecting teenager, your child will have his group of friends and they will therefore spend long hours together in his room making a new world. Nothing will please your teenager more than to install a corner in his room to receive his friends. If you have room, offer him a small sofa bed to install in front of his bed, but if the room does not have the necessary space, choose in this case an ottoman or some cushions.

Study corner

The adolescent gains autonomy. There will no longer be any question of doing homework in the dining room with you, he will prefer a quiet corner in his room to study. As he progresses from class to class, he will accumulate books and notebooks and will therefore need a spacious desk with enough drawers and shelves to store all his belongings. Also provide a comfortable chair to reduce fatigue.

The corner of passions

With adolescence, passions are affirmed. So plan a space in the room that is for his leisure: it can be a library if he likes to read, shelves to store his skates or his figurines or even a large cork board to display the photos of his friends or of his favorite artists.