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Renovating a work plan: all our tips

Renovating a work plan: all our tips

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The work plan

This surface is aptly named because it is designed to accommodate the performance of various tasks, household or other: peeling, cutting, storage, jam, cleaning of brass, reattachment of plates, etc. We don't just cook there. Between chips of sauces, stains of wine and grease, multiple traces, your worktop has not only become discolored and soiled but it has also become a hotbed for microbes. It is high time to strip it. Everything will depend on the material in which it is made.

Wood for work plan

In general, these surfaces are treated beforehand to neutralize the risks of stains and burns and facilitate their cleaning. However, over time, your work plan has worn out. Start by washing it with lukewarm water and soap and brush off any traces as well as scratches and corners where dirt has accumulated. Rinse. Once dry, the surface can be sanded, any cracks plugged with wood pulp. It remains to protect everything with a specific resin applied with a brush.

Zinc for work plan

In this case, no powerful stripper which would alter the support. Cleaning with a sponge and soapy water will avoid scratching the surface. After drying with a cloth, pass a liquid intended for silverware in order to restore the shine of the metal.

Marble and granite for work plan

After complete cleaning and drying, pass the surface with linseed oil in large quantities. Sponge the overflow after a few moments so that the stone absorbs the product. Half a day of drying and it only remains to pass a damp sponge to finalize. Then do not hesitate to apply a stain and heat resistant product.