Install a gas CMV

Install a gas CMV

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Generally reserved for collective housing, the gas VMC is the ventilation system which certainly calls for the most safety devices to ensure proper operation, and above all to limit the risks due to the use of gas. If you still want to install a gas VMC, here are some tips to follow.

The gas CMV

As its name suggests, the gas VMC is a ventilation system which combines on the same network, the exhaust of stale air and the combustion products of a boiler. To prevent the risk of accidents with this ventilation system, the gas VMC multiplies the safety devices to be observed during its installation.

Beware of the gas VMC safety devices

In the case of an individual installation, the gas CMV must necessarily include an individual safety system, presented in the form of a thermal or pressostatic switch depending on the type of boiler. Associated with the device, extraction vents must also be able to provide the additional flow to be extracted during the operation of the boiler.

Mandatory maintenance and call to a professional

Due to the risk of fire from this type of ventilation, the gas VMC is subject to very regular maintenance, which must be carried out by a professional. To limit the risks of improper installation and therefore more serious incidents during its operation, this same professional is strongly recommended to install your gas VMC.