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Sand a parquet

Sand a parquet

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Before glazing your parquet, you must sand it to obtain a surface that is both flat and homogeneous. To do this, several precautions must be taken. The final result, and in particular the opening, will only be better.

Precautions for sanding parquet

Before starting the belt sander or the edger, the workpiece must be cleaned and ventilated. The dust must indeed be removed and the nails protruding from the parquet be put back in their place so as not to damage the device. Also take care, during the works, not to park your sander in working order, this could damage your parquet and dig grooves in the ground. Tilt it when you want to turn it and above all, sand in the direction of wood or slats.

Floor sanding

Sanding your parquet can be done in three passes, from the moment you proceed strip by strip and always at the same speed. The first must be made using a coarse abrasive grain to sand large surfaces. When it is finished, clean the floor with the vacuum cleaner. For the second pass, this time use a medium grain to remove all traces of the first pass. Finally, during the last round, use a fine grain. For hard-to-reach places, leave the sander aside and use a wooden block that you will cover with sandpaper or a bending machine. Finally, clean everything with a vacuum cleaner and a slightly damp cloth.> Ask for a quote for the installation of your parquet