Install a pulsating boiler

Install a pulsating boiler

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With a saving of 32% compared to a conventional boiler, the pulsating gas boiler is an intelligent solution which uses a combustion chamber rather than a burner.

Micro-combustion operation of the pulsating boiler

The pulsating boiler works thanks to micro-combustions in the combustion chamber. It is the air / gas mixture which causes this reaction. The gas then passes through spiral tubes immersed in a fluid. This recovers the heat. This process starts over and over again.

A compact boiler suitable for all environments

One of the advantages of the pulsating gas boiler is that it does not require a particular location, and can therefore be perfectly installed in a small apartment. Thanks to its good level of performance (4 to 8 times less electricity consumption than a vacuum boiler) and its low CO2 emission, it is also suitable for central boiler rooms of buildings, for the production of hot water. sanitary facilities in hotels or for traditional pavilions. Its compactness allows it to fit into relatively small spaces without the need for a chimney or suction cup.

Simple installation of the pulsating boiler

The pulsating boiler has an ordinary PVC evacuation tube with a diameter of 40mm or 63mm depending on the model. This type of boiler can also be installed without casing by being placed in a new or old chimney. It operates electronically.