Install a floor convector

Install a floor convector

Floor heating

By being embedded in the ground, the floor convector is ideal in rooms where the installation of a radiator on a vertical wall is impossible. The system collects the cold air that descends (often close to the exterior walls of the house, such as windows) to make it rise hot through the grates after it has passed through the convector. The heat shield increases the temperature of the air in the room. Convection can be manual or forced.

Targeted use

Installing a floor convector requires a well thought-out location. Avoid places near flammable materials and places where furniture may be placed. Obstruction is indeed impossible (a safety system cuts the device in the event of overheating). Fast, efficient for a small area, the floor convector is perfect near large, poorly insulated bay windows, but remains a backup solution.

Installing the floor convector

When installing the convector, an electro-galvanized sheet steel box must be installed in which the appliance is placed. This is then connected to the 230 V single-phase electrical network. Then affix an anodized aluminum grid to cover the convector.