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Painting or varnishing a staircase

Painting or varnishing a staircase

Whether as part of a renovation or for purely aesthetic reasons, painting or varnishing a staircase is essential work to be done to preserve it. If the task presents no great difficulty, however, proceed in order, without forgetting certain details.

Stair preparation

Before applying any product on a staircase, it must first be repaired. If it is made of wood, the smallest hole must be plugged with wood pulp before degreasing the entire structure with soapy water. General sanding with fine-grained sandpaper will allow better adhesion of the paint or varnish.

Choose your paint or varnish

Varnishes and paints have the same aesthetic and protective properties. The choice of one or the other will therefore be purely personal. However, to best define the color of a varnish, special attention must be paid to the essence of the wood, so as not to distort it.

Application of paint or varnish

As a general rule, the application of paint or varnish is done from the top of the stairs. We then start with the balusters to continue with the handrail, the stringer, and finally, we finish with the steps. For the number of coats to apply, rely on the manufacturer's instructions. Finally, if the staircase is to be used during the drying phase, it is advisable to paint or varnish only every other step, in order to allow its use.