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Install an entry door

Install an entry door

Whether it is made of wood, aluminum or PVC, a door block is always made up of the same two elements: the door and its frame (its frame). Thus, whatever the material chosen and the style of the door, the installation procedure generally remains the same.

First step: remove and replace the old frame

The first step is to remove the old frame. After unhooking the door and cutting the sealing tabs with a grinder, it will be easily released with a chisel and a mallet. Any remaining traces of cement joints must then be removed. The new frame can therefore be installed with suitable fixing screws. It must be perfectly straight: also, do not hesitate to use shims to level it. However, be sure to install the gasket before installation. At the end of this step, the door can be installed.

Second step: seal the new front door

To seal the new door, you must proceed in two stages: first, on the outside, by inserting a bottom seal between the frame and the wall, which will be covered with special silicone outside; then, on the inside, by installing an insulating foam, always between the wall and the frame.

Third step: finishing the front door

Once the bulk of the work is done, all that remains is to glue the finishing strips around the frame. They will hide the previously inserted insulation materials. Finally, the handle and the lock should only be installed during the last step.