Build a house with wooden walls

Build a house with wooden walls

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First step: assembling the framework of the wooden walls

A wood frame wall is composed of posts and beams forming the skeleton of the future timber house. For build a wooden house, the first step is therefore to assemble the different elements of the wooden walls together so that you can subsequently mount the walls (of course, if the wooden walls have not already been pre-assembled in their manufacturing workshop! ). To do this, it is obviously necessary to rely on the manufacturer's instructions, then:

1. Put all the elements (beams, struts, etc.) on the ground.
2. Start by assembling the uprights of the walls on the rails to secure the assembly.
3. Put the headers in place, then place them on the wall studs.
4. Check the squareness of the assembly; if necessary, correct it with clamps.
5. Fasten the bracing panels with a certain distance (indicated by the manufacturer) between the points.

Second step: the installation of wooden walls

Once the wooden walls are assembled, they should be positioned! To get there, you must put a first wall flat on the floor of the future wooden frame house (the base of the frame must be on the foundation rail once the wall erected). The locations of the walls will obviously have been very precisely defined beforehand!

Third step: lifting the wooden walls

Respecting the order indicated by the manufacturer, and using either a pulley system or a crane truck (everything obviously depends on the size and weight of thewooden frame of the future house), it's time to lift the wooden walls (a step that requires at least 2 people):

  • Constantly ensuring that the base of the wall is properly aligned with the foundation rail of the house, raise the wall.
  • Maintain the wooden wall vertically (take a level to ensure its perfect verticality) then screw it onto the foundation rail.
  • Attach the walls together, then the wall studs.
  • Solidify the structure with a smoothing chain.

Fourth step: insulation of wooden frame walls

The cladding of a wooden frame wall begins with the thermal and sound insulation of the latter. To do this, mineral wools and synthetic insulators are the most used, but other more ecological but equally effective alternatives (vegetable insulators, sheep's wool, hemp, etc.) are appearing on the market today.

Fifth step: dressing the wall

Once the walls of a wooden house have been assembled, assembled, lifted and then isolated, it's time to proceed with their interior and exterior dressing.

Several layers of material will therefore be attached to the outer wall of the wall: first, a panel based on wood fibers which will ensure the stability of the structure; then, a rain shield, to protect it from the elements and especially from humidity; finally, the cladding of the facade, fixed on vertical battens. On the interior side, we will put in place a simple finishing siding, such as plasterboard, concrete slabs, etc.