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Choose a stone wall

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Formerly ubiquitous in construction, stone has been replaced by more modern materials, such as concrete and brick. However, it remains widely used for decoration and interior design work. But faced with the different varieties offered, his choice must be carefully considered.

Natural stone, cut stone and dry stone wall: to be reserved for major works

Natural stone and cut stone are to be reserved for major works. Due to their very high cost, however, they are used less and less in the construction of housing. Dry stone lends itself to the production of exterior elements (cabin type or low wall) for aesthetic and durable buildings.

Reconstituted stone: for a controlled budget

Although they give a natural illusion, the reconstituted stones are in fact only molded stones. Manufacturers today design very beautiful ones that can sometimes deceive their nature. With their low cost, they are ideal for the production of curbs, framing or paving.

Facing stone: ideal for interior decoration

Finally, facing stone remains the most used for decorating and fitting out interior walls. Available in two versions, natural or reconstituted, its installation is easy and accessible to all. Above all, it can cover most of the supports in a home (plasterboard, aerated concrete, wood, cement, etc.).