Create a green wall

Create a green wall

The green wall has become a very trendy and resolutely contemporary decorative element which has found its place in many interiors in recent years. Easy to make, it improves the air quality of a home while maintaining a correct humidity level.

First step: preparation of the structure

The homemade green walls are generally built on a PVC panel cut to the desired dimensions. The latter is covered with two layers of horticultural felt between which a flexible perforated pipe is installed (take care to direct the holes downwards). On the felt, we then draw a grid using staples, before cutting with the cutter the top of each of the tiles. The plants will be inserted into these incisions.

Second step: preparation of the watering system for the plant wall

To ensure that the vegetation is watered, the hose placed between the two layers of felt is connected to a pump (aquarium type). The latter is then installed in the collecting tank located at the foot of the wall, then connected to a programmer which will ensure regular and controlled irrigation of the wall.

Third step: choosing the plants

It only remains to set up the vegetation. For interior walls, most so-called indoor plants can lend themselves to it. Asparagus, chlorophytum and pothos are however the most recommended for this kind of use. Be sure to position the elements requiring more watering in height. Finally, install this wall as close as possible to a light source.