Create a reflective tunnel

Create a reflective tunnel

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The reflective tunnel allows natural lighting in your home by using outside light. An economical solution that greatly increases luminosity thanks to a simple system to install under the frame.

Reflective tunnel: installation of the light entry on the roof

To obtain a significant gain of light under the ceiling, the reflecting tunnel, flexible or rigid, is an innovative and effective idea. It involves installing on the roof (in tiles or slates) a base (a support) which will accommodate a window. This must be perfectly transparent for maximum performance. A specific treatment to preserve it is therefore strongly recommended.

The reflective tunnel between the roof and the ceiling

This window is connected to the reflecting tunnel. This reflective aluminum conduit can go up to 6 meters (by fitting the tubes) in its rigid version and 2 meters if it is flexible. The distance between the roof and the ceiling will be decisive in the choice of the chosen option. The brightness will also be affected by the type of tunnel and its length. This element is easily mounted using screws and adhesive strips.

Ceiling light for indoor lighting

Last step: the installation of an insulating diffuser ceiling. It is through this circular window, also connected to the reflecting tunnel, that the light routed will light the room of your house.