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Optimizing storage in the attic

Optimizing storage in the attic

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Attic closet kits

Available in DIY stores or interior design stores, the kits for lofts offer very clever solutions for organizing space-saving storage. Take your measurements and adapt the different elements to your needs. If necessary, have the doors or shelves cut out so that they perfectly fit the desired dimensions. At an affordable cost, these kits exist in various materials and colors and for all tastes. Another solution, the realization of a cupboard under the roof by a professional carpenter, but for a significantly higher budget.

Optimizing interior storage under the eaves

It is not always easy to arrange ergonomic storage in an attic space. Practical and functional, the sliding shelves allow good visibility to access the objects or clothes stored at the bottom of the storage. To hang dresses or coats, retractable or swivel rods will give you ideal access without bending over. Do not forget the hooks and hooks to hang many objects against the vertical walls.

Practical tips for attic storage

Often inaccessible and dark, the layout of the spaces under the eaves requires special attention. To clearly see the contents of your storage, place light inside using LEDs or auxiliary lighting systems. Note that there are door opening sensors that will engage automatically. Select the doors appropriate to the space available in the room. For a small bedroom or a narrow corridor, the sliding doors will be a plus. But for better visibility of your storage and if you have enough space, prefer hinged doors. Finally take advantage of the light provided by the mirrors and do not hesitate to fix them on the facades of your storage under the eaves.