Manage your lighting with home automation

Manage your lighting with home automation

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Home automation aims to provide comfort, security and communication in homes. Applied to lighting, this results, for example, in the optimization and control of lighting. Several home automation devices make it possible to effectively manage the lighting of a house.

Home automation and lighting: the advantages

Home automation allows intelligent management of lighting according to rooms and needs. It allows energy savings, its system being able to switch off a light that remains on or illuminate a corridor in your path. In a security logic, it can also simulate your presence during trips. In addition, it allows equipment to be controlled remotely from the house.

Scripted lighting: comfort and simplicity

The lighting is managed by preprogrammed scenarios coupled with a variation of the light points. Each room, moment or situation can then have its appropriate lighting: TV evening, reading, alarm clock, dinner ... It is then enough to press a button to order the right lighting.

Home automation equipment

To install a home automation system in your home, several pieces of equipment are required. Optical switches, home automation software, remote controls, infrared switches, twilight switches are all high-performance materials. However, all of this equipment requires installation with suitable cabling which must therefore be drawn throughout the house. Also, the installation of a home automation system is considered during renovation work or before the construction of a home.