Maintain the seagrass

Maintain the seagrass

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Seagrass is an increasingly popular coating on a staircase or a room in the house. Resistant and easy to maintain, it does not fear many things but still requires some attention to keep its aesthetics and stay comfortable.

Maintain the seagrass: vacuum cleaner

The use of the vacuum cleaner is the first recommendation to maintain a coating of seagrass. A regular passage allows to dust the floors. It is also advisable to pass from time to time a mop or a damp sponge on the seagrass. This precaution will preserve the elasticity of the coating. Dry shampoo or a special powder can optionally be added to the water to regenerate the fibers. Finally, the last thing to do to guarantee a longer life for the seagrass is to ventilate the room in which it is located.

Maintain seagrass: mold

Aeration allows in particular to avoid the appearance of mold. If, despite everything, traces are visible, it is necessary to treat them. For this, bleach diluted in water can be applied. After letting the solution penetrate the fibers, it is important to dry the liquid well, using a soft brush and possibly a blow of hair dryer.

Maintaining seagrass: stains

More generally, if liquid stains appear on your carpet, the steps to follow are first to absorb the drops with absorbent paper, then to brush the fibers with soap and water. Finally, it only remains to heat the seagrass with a hair dryer from the periphery to the center.