Choose a staircase for the attic

Choose a staircase for the attic

The choice of a staircase to access the attic space is determined by several criteria: layout of the rooms, use of the attic space, location of the opening in the floor. So many factors to take into account when choosing a staircase that needs to be practical and secure.

Choose a staircase for the attic: the miller's ladder

Very economical, its advantage lies in the minimum size it allows. However, if your attic is a living room, its stiffness does not allow secure access, especially for children, or comfortable access to transport furniture, for example.

Choose a staircase for the attic: the straight or turning staircase

_x000D_ The straight staircase is the most common. Simple to install, it is also the most practical for accessing living rooms. However, it can take up a lot of space and therefore lose living space. In this, the spiral staircase is an alternative that saves a little space. In addition, it fits perfectly into a corner. The rotating part of it can be worked to facilitate the climb through a system of balanced steps. The straight staircase or its revolving alternative is to be preferred when the opening in the floor or hopper is sufficiently long and narrow. _x000D_

Choose a staircase for the attic: the helical staircase

_x000D_ Aesthetic and original, it is also called a spiral staircase. Its advantage is to be compact, it requires little space and does not need to lean against a wall. Often created to measure, it can however be expensive. Another disadvantage: it can complicate the passage of large objects. _x000D_