Install electricity in the attic

Install electricity in the attic

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Two solutions exist to install electricity in the attic: connect power cables to the main switchboard or create a stand-alone installation. Regardless of this choice, several standards must be respected such as the standards NF C 15-100 or NF 200 10 which indicate the materials to be used as well as the safety rules to be followed. It is therefore necessary to call a professional if you have any doubts about the installation.

Install electricity in the attic: think about the project before the works_x000D_

It is essential to determine before work the number of lighting points and sockets you need. As a general rule, it is recommended to install 5 sockets in a living room, 6 in a kitchen and 3 in a bedroom. As well as the installation of the cable network can be apparent or doubled according to your possibilities.

Connect the attic electricity_x000D_

The power of the main switchboard must be sufficient compared to the consumption of new devices in the attic. It therefore requires verification. You also need to calculate the number of circuits required based on the use of the attic. These circuits must then be drawn to the main board. If they are too numerous or difficult to connect, it is possible to create a divisional table. This will allow you to pull only one thick cable.

Install electricity in the attic: create an independent installation

_x000D_ This solution is perfect for roof spaces which will be used for rental, for example. It requires the installation of a meter, a switchboard and a circuit breaker system. This type of installation must be entrusted to a professional. Indeed, one or more circuits are to be planned according to your needs and the installation of a new system can be complex. _x000D_