Why is the medallion chair still trendy?

Why is the medallion chair still trendy?

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The medallion chair, a historic piece

The medallion chair is a piece of history, and that's why we love it too. Created in 1769 by Louis Delanois, the chair combines simple lines and refined geometric forms, thought in opposition to the complex forms of the Louis XV style and its baroque excesses. And the source of inspiration for cabinetmakers goes even further, since the medallion chair gets its sobriety of antiquity. All thanks to the remains unearthed by archaeologists of the time during the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum, launched in 1738.

Declined without interruption since, from castles to bourgeois houses and even into our modern interiors, the medallion chair has retained its main characteristics: a sober structure, in principle made of wood, feet generally flared upwards and incorporating grooves, a square seat and an oval backrest, both upholstered and upholstered. The medallion chair itself does not have armrests, but it comes in armchair version with armrests padded.

The medallion chair, a design spotlight

Everyone knows it, but not everyone knows why. The medallion chair revisited by Philippe Starck was born in 2001 in terms of its collaboration with the Italian furniture manufacturer Kartell and made a splash as soon as it was released. The principle ? A real medallion chair, but made of plastic or more precisely polycarbonate, an ultra-resistant transparent plastic. Far from the cabinetmaking of 18e century, the chair is made by injecting the plastic directly into a mold, and therefore in one piece.

Named Louis Ghost, Philippe Starck's chair first saw the light in an armchair version with armrests, then was declined in real medallion chair without armrests with the Victoria Ghost model. A design revolution at the time, praised for the discrepancy between the classicism of the lines and the modernity of the materials, since becoming a true icon of design. Open your eyes, you will spot it in the trendiest hotels and restaurants in the world, in Haussmannian interiors as well as in country houses!

The timeless style of the medallion chair

At this point, everything is said. We have explained to you why the medallion chair was a piece of furniture classic in a sober style, and how it had regained its design credentials under the pencil of Philippe Starck. So you know that it combines trendy potential and classic sweetness, enough to adapt more or less to all the most essential trends of the moment!

Offset in a contemporary decoration, first degree in a shabby chic atmosphere, inevitable in a neoclassical interior, as chic in a loft as refined in a boudoir, the medallion chair fits easily into most decorations. This, especially since like all trendy piece of furniture, it exists for all tastes and all budgets! Transparent in plastic or authentic in wood, vintage and mottled or new and modern, upholstered in leather or velvet, in gray or in bright colors ... Suffice to say that we will have to think before choosing the right one.

The real secret of medallion chair that makes an impact ? Unless the will assumed as with the shabby chic style, we rather put on the shift. We prefer it white, black or gray rather than wood color, or if we choose it in wood, light or patinated wood version, especially not varnished. And to pay tribute to its sobriety, we also opt for textiles with soft or past colors ... unless you opt for the plastic version, of course, original or low price!