How to clean painted walls?

How to clean painted walls?

Good reflexes for cleaning a painted wall

First step for cleaning that leaves no traces, the inventory. What paint type covers the walls? Satin and glossy paints are almost always washable, matt paints less often. In this case, they require more delicacy to avoid seeing the color of the walls disappear. Water-based paints are also more fragile than vinyl or oil-based paints.

By the way, are these tasks or aging? The stains on painted walls can be cleaned, but a white paint which turns yellow over time hardly finds a uniform whiteness. Better to plan a new coat of paint! In all cases, clean a painted wall is a gesture to be carried out gently, without rubbing too hard and with wide movements from the bottom to the top, on pain of leaving traces or flaking off the paint.

How to clean a washable wall

Is the painted wall washable? Good news, this is the simplest solution. We put on household gloves, mix a liter of lukewarm water with a small glass of soda or a dose of detergent. All that remains is to immerse the sponge in it and then get to work, cleaning the wall from bottom to top. When about one square meter is cleaned, rinse with clear water, wipe with a clean towel and continue next. Admittedly, it will take time and effort, but the result is generally up to the task and the risk of leaving traces very low.

How to clean a non-washable painted wall

Be careful, it gets complicated… with a non-washable painted wall, cleaning can potentially attack the paint, and therefore leave traces. In theory, we therefore avoid cleaning a non-washable painted wall! In the event of a task, on the other hand, grandmother's remedy consists of passing a potato cut in half over the tasks, the starch sometimes sufficient to erase them, before wiping gently with a cloth soaked in water. For the modern version, we try the magic sponge, always gently and from the bottom up. And as a last resort, you can try a shot of gum, again with the greatest delicacy.

How to clean a stained painted wall

You know the principle, each task has its solution ... provided you proceed on a washable painted wall since at the risk of repeating itself, if the paint is fragile, everything becomes complicated! On a suitable paint, methylated spirits attack ink, coffee or tea stains. The traces of soot or the black traces are eliminated using a mixture of lukewarm water and detergent. Moisture stains are treated with white vinegar, as for the greasy painted walls of the kitchen, they are recovered with a mixture of water and baking soda paste!