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How to get a felted sweater?

How to get a felted sweater?

White vinegar

This is undoubtedly the best-known trick for effectively removing hair from a sweater. First, take a bowl containing a liter of waterin which youdilute a glass of white vinegar. You should then let your felted sweater soak in this mixture for about a dozen hours. Little advice: during this time, think carefully about stretch the sweater regularly so that the fibers can regain all their original suppleness. Once the soaking time has ended, you must wring carefully and delicately your sweater. For drying, place it well flat on a terry towel.

The conditioner

This method is also very simple to perform. It turns out to be very similar to that of using white vinegar. You just have to pay the equivalent ofone to two spoons of conditioner of your choice in a bowl containingCold water. Then place your felted sweater in the resulting mixture and let it soak for three hours. Every hour, think about stretch the sweater so that all the meshes are well impregnated with the product. rinse then your sweater with l'clear water to which you add a little White vinegar. Once your sweater is wrung out, all you have to do is arrange it well flat on a terry towel to dry it.


You can easily find glycerine in the beauty products section of your supermarket or in pharmacies. Then mix a tablespoon of glycerin in cold water at a rate ofa table spoon of this product per liter of water. Then immerse your felted sweater in this mixture and leave it in this bath for about ten hours. wring then your sweater with delicacy and let it dry on a hanger with shoulder pads : the weight of the sweater thus suspended goes stretch fibers which will allow your coat to return to its original size.

Cooking water for white beans

If one of your sweaters is felted and you have decided to cook white beans, do not throw them away cooking water. It will indeed be of great help to you in giving your garment its beautiful initial appearance. Wait until the water used to cook the white beans has become lukewarm before diving in your sweater. Leave it then soak in this water thinking ofstretch every quarter of an hour. Once you think your sweater is flexible again, wring it gently. Then position it flat, square between two terry towels, for gentle drying.

The iron

For unfasten your sweater with an iron, first heat it to the temperature suitable for the wool ironing. Then spread your sweater on a flat surface and iron it taking care of stretch the stitches well. This manipulation will allow the steam given off by the iron to loosen the fibers. Your sweater can thus regain its original size. Little tip: think about pass the iron several times in the same place while stretching the fibers in all directions so that your sweater can also find the right width.

Avoid wool from felting

Your sweaters and other woolen clothing or accessories require a special washing so as not to felt. The main thing is to choose the right temperature. Whether washing is done by hand or in a washing machine, the temperature must not exceed 30 ° C. Most washing machines also have special wool cycles designed to take the utmost care of your woolen pieces.