How to properly maintain your shower door?

How to properly maintain your shower door?

Why maintain a shower door?

of the shower enclosure doors up to the Italian shower doors, all qualities are not the same. If some high-end materials are designed to resist more or less everything with a minimum of maintenance, others literally change color without regular care ... and as always in the bathroom, the worst enemy of the shower door is none other than limestone!

At best, it leaves some white marks on the shower door glass after several uses without wiping. At worst, it deposits quickly on glass and metal parts, until it becomes encrusted and damages the material. In both cases, the result is frankly unsightly, and the longer we wait, the more effort will be required to recover the door. Moral of the story ? Maintaining a shower cabin regularly means saving yourself long cleaning sessions afterwards!

Shower door, step 1: daily maintenance

Wait before you panic, it's not about scrubbing the shower door everyday. The principle is simple, adopting the right gestures with each shower makes it possible to avoid spending the day there once a month ... and all this requires only thirty seconds watch in hand at the end of each shower. Since we have not found more effective than the squeegee when it comes to maintaining a shower door or even just a wall! You hang it close at hand and once the taps are closed, you can rid the glass of its droplets in a jiffy. That's all, but it changes everything.

Shower door, step 2: episodic maintenance

Because limestone is generally stronger than us, it always ends up encrusted. Even with a flawless routine, since the squeegee does not remove lime on the shower door handles, for example… Especially since on the other side, fingerprints also end up becoming encrusted. The solution ? Thorough cleaning, weekly or monthly, depending on the intensity of use of the shower and the hardness of the water.

For good clean the shower door without polluting the pipes, we let you guess ... white vinegar, won. Fearfully effective against limescale, this magical cleaning product is even more effective when hot, so we don't hesitate to heat it up for an encrusted shower door. Then just spray it on the glass and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Are there any traces left? We use a lemon cut in half and rub the pulp on the lime stains before ironing the white vinegar.

Shower door, step 3: preventive maintenance

To avoid lime scale or traces of soap dirty the shower door, some high-end glasses are processed upstream. For those who are not, there are anti-limescale products to spray once a month on the shower door, on average. They limit deposits to space cleaning. An other idea ? Fogging caused by the heat of the shower also aggravates the phenomenon and dirty the shower door. However, it suffices to clean it with a cloth impregnated with 90 ° alcohol or glycerine to avoid its formation! Remember the trick, it also works on the bathroom mirror…