How to install a Nordic bath in your garden? All our advice

How to install a Nordic bath in your garden? All our advice

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How does a Nordic bath work?

Before wanting to install a Nordic bath in your garden, you should understand how it works. The Nordic bath, or Finnish spa, is a traditional whirlpool. Unlike other types of spa, this Scandinavian model does not diffuse massage bubbles. In fact, il alternates hot and cold to eliminate toxins. This is called thermotherapy. It consists of a barrel made from wooden planks (often red cedar, fir or even larch) held together by strapping rings (mostly stainless steel). There is no glue or joint to join them together. The water is then heated through a wood stove. There are models of two to eight people!

How to install a Nordic bath in the garden?

First, you must set location of your Nordic bath. Whether in the garden or built into the terrace, its base must rest on a flat and slightly raised surface. The latter must absolutely be able to support the weight of the basin filled with water. If necessary, you can flatten your surface using gravel or a concrete slab. Avoid placing your Nordic bath in a confined and sheltered place to avoid the effects of condensation. The smoke and water vapor must be able to escape into the open air. The ideal being to add a drainage system at the base of the bath to avoid the risk of mold on the wooden slats.

Once your Nordic bath is installed and stable, you will be able to fill it. Please note, this is not the time to take advantage of it and you must have a little patience, this first filling must be done according to the rules of the art. Indeed, the wood of the Nordic bath must work and swell before being used. To do this, you must fill the tank with about 30cm of water and leave it alone for at least 24 hours. You will see, he may flee but do not panic, it is completely normal. Fill up to 20 cm from the edge and wait again. When the wood begins to swell, you need to adjust the structure by loosening the straps until your Nordic bath takes its final shape. For all these reasons, it is strongly not recommended to empty the Nordic bath water for a long time. Otherwise you may have to start all over again…

Once installed, you must heat your Nordic bath. Again, you have to be patient. If you have a model with a submerged stove, allow about an hour before getting into the water. For a model with an external stove, allow at least two hours for the water to reach the ideal temperature (38-40 °). In any case and whatever the water heating system, you can use between 10 and 15kg of wood to place in the bottom of the tank. All you have to do is enjoy it…