All you need to know about red cedar

All you need to know about red cedar

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Red cedar, also known in English as red cedar, is a wood used by artisans and carpenters for centuries. Appreciated for its lasting beauty, its rapid growth, its resistance, its properties and its multiple uses, red cedar wood continues to conquer our interiors and exteriors. We tell you more about this wood with very special characteristics…

A wood with many advantages

The red cedar is a majestic tree of intense red, which grows mainly in the western regions of North America. Nicknamed "the tree of life" by the Amerindians, it has long been used to create clothes, canoes or even traditional houses. Today it is used for house construction around the world. The reasons for its success are explained by its many advantages: * The Red Cedar is available in many colors. Its shades vary from pale amber to reddish cinnamon through the earth brown of Siena. So many shades that allow you to choose the color appropriate to your decor style. * It is a fast growing, renewable and biodegradable wood. It is also qualified ecological by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. * It is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. In summer, it brings freshness and retains heat in winter. As for its cellular network, it attenuates noise and guarantees good acoustic insulation. * It is a wood very resistant to temperature differences and bad weather such as rain and hot weather. A quality which prevents it from distortions over time. * It is a type of wood that is easy to transport and handle. Easy to cut, paste and customize, red cedar is easily transformed and requires very little energy to be used. Which makes it an energy efficient wood. * It is a durable wood and easy to maintain. Indeed, red cedar contains antimicrobial antifungal properties. This allows it to keep its hues over the long term. * Red cedar is naturally rot-proof. This means that he is not afraid of fungi or insects!

A multipurpose essence

As you can see, red cedar has many advantages and properties. It is not for nothing that carpenters and craftsmen have used it for centuries in the design of housing. In practice, red cedar can be used for the construction of cladding, terraces, roofs, fences, furniture, door siding, windows and shutters and many more ... And if we like it for aesthetic reasons, it is also because it accepts all finishes, from oil to coatings through painting! Style wise, the essence of red cedar adapts to many types of interior and exterior. You can imagine it as much on the wall coverings and siding of a cozy mountain chalet as on the terrace of a cubic house with contemporary looks.